What Is the EMP Commission?

Firstly, Congressional Commissions are usually established as tools of last resort to solve controversies, with the goal of reaching an agreement on extremely important matters where the communities are in major disagreement.

In that sense, the EMP commission isn’t something that’s been formed negligently. Instead, it’s a firm body of work that represents a mutual agreement that has been reached after evaluating all the opinions, points, and precisely inspecting every evidence. This commission is the result of eight years of meticulous assessment.

Secondly, the bipartisan basis is used in selecting the commissioners of the Congressional Commissions to ensure impartiality.

With respect to that, both Democrats and Republicans were allowed by the EMP Commission and the Strategic Posture Commission to play an equal role in the process of nominating and selecting the commissioners

The bipartisan credential and impartiality of the EMP commission are impressive considering the fact that the first commission had seen a Republican-majority Congress, which was then changed into a Democratic-majority Congress.

Thirdly, Congressional Commissioners are usually selected based on the member’s seniority, respect, and strategies to prevent the rise of any questions regarding their competency.

That’s how every commissioner of the EMP commission like Dr. William R. Graham and Dr. John Foster was selected. They are seniors, experts, and of course, have outstanding qualifications. Their opinions are greatly valued, and therefore, EMP threats coming from them are more likely to be taken seriously.

The fourth reason that makes the warnings of both of the commissions so credible is that they have the authority to use the incredible resources of the Intelligence Community, National Laboratories, and the Department of Defense to collect and analyze the pieces of evidence.

As for the fifth reason, the judgments on EMP threats and the recommendations are based on real scientific experiments and systems analysis conducted by qualified scientists. The NAS, filled with highly competent scientists and a hunger for getting factual accuracy, agrees with the EMP commission about the threats of EMP.

Congressional Commissions are held in respectable positions, and they tend to be extremely influential. So, their reports are capable of affecting national security policies.

For instance, the 9/11 commission single-handedly restructured and reformed the Intelligence Community. This should clear up how much influential and esteemed a single Congressional Commission can be.

The legitimacy and the imminency of EMP threats are backed by two Congressional Commissions, including another reliable party known as the National Academy of Sciences. So, it should no longer be taken lightly.

It’s very unfortunate that the EMP commission saw an early termination in 2008 before being able to complete its goals. Seeing how imminent the threat of EMP is, it should be reinstated along with all the original commissioners as soon as possible.

The commission was created to assess: the nature and the extent of the EMP attacks; the vulnerability of the US citizens, infrastructure, and the military; the ability of the US to recover from an attack; and lastly, the cost of strengthening military and civilian systems against EMP attack along with the feasibility.

Furthermore, the commission was to recommend any protective measures that the US should employ to keep the citizen and military systems protected.

With the commission gone, there is no one preparing the US against EMP threats. So, it should be brought back immediately.

  • Updated December 14, 2020
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