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Duke Energy Adds EMP Threats to Emergency Planning

The G.G Allen Steam Station owned by Duke Energy is located in North Carolina, bordered by the banks of Lake Wylie. Duke Energy Corp. is bringing together the three of its stations to evaluate the ability to recuperate from numerous disasters, including atmospheric electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Cooper is a leader of a campaign initiated by […]

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What is Electromagnetic Pulse

Suppose you hear a loud burst, and all of a sudden, all the lights in your house area goes out. All your devices stop working, the communication gets cuts off, and you are alone in the dark. Within this darkness, as the million more people are being affected by the same condition, chaos will ensue. […]

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What Is the EMP Commission?

Firstly, Congressional Commissions are usually established as tools of last resort to solve controversies, with the goal of reaching an agreement on extremely important matters where the communities are in major disagreement. In that sense, the EMP commission isn’t something that’s been formed negligently. Instead, it’s a firm body of work that represents a mutual agreement […]

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Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is widely recognized as the President of EMPACT America, Inc. But he has been many other things before becoming the president. He is known for serving on the Strategic Posture of the US commission initiated by the US congress (2008-09). Also, he has been the Director of the US Nuclear Strategy Forum […]

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Natural Sources of EMP-EMP Caused by Geomagnetic Storm

Geomagnetic storms are regularly occurring events that mostly affect high northern latitudes, but they can cause major damages like how Canada was subjected to their forces in the 1980s. Massive storms like the 1859 Carrington effect can be incredibly destructive to the modern infrastructures. Major geomagnetic storms are expected to occur once in every 100 years. […]

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