Dr. Pry to Address the NC General Assembly’s Joint Committee on Emergency Preparedness January 18th

DOE issues final rule outlining emergency order procedures for the grid

FERC finalizes emergency preparedness and reliability standards



Russia Steadily Cultivating Electronic Warfare While U.S., NATO Lag Behind

New DOE office to focus on cybersecurity, grid threats



Working in nanoseconds: Burlington business sees potential in EMP shield

API Technologies Introduces an Expanded Line of EMP/HEMP Filters Designed to Mitigate Naturally Occurring and Intentional EMI



Report: U.S. Must Better Prepare for EMP Attack

Hanshin Engineering & Construction ventures into EMP shield biz



FERC Commissioner Neil Chatterjee: How will we respond to attacks on our electric grid?

EMP Commission warns ‘blackout’ of electricity, food, water to last ‘year or longer,’ huge death toll



Solar Storm Could Knock Out Power to Much of New England, Study Finds



Delayed USSTRATCOM headquarters project advances

Russian hackers invaded control rooms of hundreds of US electric utilities: Report

New Homeland Security unit will battle threats to critical U.S. assets



NASA Is Trying To Save Us From The Sun

Think Space Force is a joke? Here are four major space threats to take seriously

‘Project Spartacus’ aims to save electric grid from nuclear, solar attack

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Study: Grid security needs to be a team sport

New California Law Orders Study Of Geomagnetic Storm Impact



Trump’s DHS Begins Defense Against Nuclear Bomb ‘Electromagnetic Pulse’

National Space Council sends Space Force proposal to Trump



Parker Solar Probe gathers science data during first trip around the sun



U.S. military warns electromagnetic pulse weapons in Iran, Russia and North Korea could melt down nuclear power plants, shut down the electricity grid for 18 months and WIPE OUT millions of Americans

NIAC Catastrophic Power Outage Study

Trump Signs Order to Create US Space Command