EMP: A Threat We’re Not Ready For

The Wall Street Journal By JOE COLANGELO Updated June 13, 2016 9:38 a.m. ET The federal government has long known that electromagnetic pulses, or EMPs, pose a significant threat to America’s infrastructure, particularly the electrical grid. Yet federal agencies have … Continued

Can Our Grid Withstand A Solar Storm?

By Jesse Woodroffe and Michael Rivera When the last really big solar storm hit Earth in 1921, the Sun ejected a burst of plasma and magnetic structures like Zeus hurling a thunderbolt from Mount Olympus. Earth’s magnetic field funneled a … Continued

Is the US Enabling a Middle East Apocalypse

You’ve seen people enabling other’s bad behavior, whatever the unhealthy pattern or addiction. But what happens when the enabler is one of the most powerful nations on the earth and the disastrous outcome could be as great as an apocalypse? … Continued